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Automation and Control

We specialise in automation solutions for the  industrial and commercial industry. We offer 24/7 automation support and servicing.

Our automation experts have years of experience in a diverse array of automation and control systems. Specialising in Rockwell and Schneider PLC  and SCADA solutions  as well as other known industry brands.

Here is what our engineering experts can do for you:

  • Design and implementation of automated systems, such as telemetry systems, PLC and HMI
  • Material handling systems such as Conveyors, Augers, Belt weighing, Level monitoring and control.
  • Process automation for temperature, pressure and level control and monitoring
  • Data logging and remote telemetry supervisory systems.
  • Safety systems
Commercial & Industrial Automation
Control Solutions

We value our client relationships ensuring that each and every project is a successful one for all parties.

We have experience in the following industries:

  • Dairy
  • Water & wastewater systems
  • Timber milling and handling
  • Biomass boilers
  • Bulk material handling
  • Power control and monitoring
  • Building management
  • Packaging and handling
  • Mining
  • Meat process and handling
  • Food and beverage production
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing

System integration and automation
Communication Network

Automation is essential for many kinds of industrial plants, and a powerful communications network is absolutely vital to ensure the automation process works properly.

Our specially trained engineers are able to design plant floor networks and other communication networks to make certain that data is transmitted as it should be- quickly and reliably and in the correct format.

Support for Remote Automation

We offer a strong support structure that operates very fast and efficiently. We can provide remote access for our clients to their facilities that helps to streamline repairs, diagnosis and modifications.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

We provide specialised operator interfaces, and we are able to design a graphical display to help manage the plant and its alarms as well as navigate local paths. This display links all of these parts together for easy operation and management.

Customisable Programming for Logic Controllers

Our team is able to program, support and monitor a variety of logic controllers, including all of those from leading industry brands. We can assist with sequential function charts, test documentation and functional descriptions for our clients.

Do You Need Help
With Switchboards

Clive Wilson Switchboards Ltd are manufacturers of industrial and commercial switchboards, plant automation and control systems, and are suppliers of all major brands of switchgear including Schneider, NHP, Omron, Allen Bradley and many more.

Programming and Design for SCADA

We provide integration and support for SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and data Acquisition). We offer everything you need for your system’s user interface, including a graphical representation of alarm management, data keeping, remote access, trending, logic navigation, and database management.

Clive Wilson Switchboards Ltd. Knows that security is essential for an SCADA system. That’s why the hardware we use on the system is all standalone to give you an extra level of security. Your system will be well protected against cyber-terrorism and cyber-warfare attacks. Even when operators and supervisors are accessing the system for their routine tasks, the system will be well guarded. We integrate multiple levels of security for your structure and allow for modification of security parameters to limit and give control or access as you see fit.


We offer direct radio communication as well as fast data links for easy transfer of information. There are a number of options for communication that will be ideal for remote areas, including Wi-Fi, cellular data, and microwave. We know it is vital to stay on the cutting edge of technological advances to ensure that our customers have the best telemetry for their electrical systems.

Data Reporting Services

In order for your system operators to monitor and control your system, they need to have access to accurate data reporting for the plant. Our experience in high quality data analysis gives you what you need to ensure smooth operation and to make informed choices. We offer data collection services that format the date in a beneficial way and that utilise web pages for speedier relay of data.

Reporting services are important tools for ensuring proper plant performance and plant processes. Our company has been certified in reporting services, database installation and management for Microsoft SQL, and we are specialised in industrial data. That makes us an ideal partner for your industrial plant’s electrical system reporting needs.

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