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Mechanical Services Switchboards (MSSB)

Clive Wilson Switchboards provides solutions you can trust for reliability and quality, using tried and proven systems that are durable from basic relay logic systems to advanced PLC and Scada and supervisory systems.

Where our Mechanical Services Switchboards (MSSB) can be used:

  • Water cooling and heating
  • Fan control and feedback
  • Compressors and suction pumps
  • Air conditioning units
  • Fire alarm interfacing
  • Apartment AC, heating and cooling systems
  • Car park ventilation systems
Switchboard services for a variety of HVAC systems
Practical and powerful

Our panel boards are suitable for a number of different installations and enable electrical systems to be easily controlled. The panel boards are fitted with auto-shutoff manual controls and pilot light indicators, ensuring easy control.

The enclosures for our MSSBs are made from quality components and materials and are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of our customers. We optimise the space within these enclosures so that more electrical installations can be installed as necessary, providing our customers with flexibility in all of our products.

We offer very practical switchboard solutions, using soft starters, VSDs, Relay logic and maximum controllers that make these very simple to configure for just about any kind of installation.

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Clive Wilson Switchboards Ltd are manufacturers of industrial and commercial switchboards, plant automation and control systems, and are suppliers of all major brands of switchgear including Schneider, NHP, Omron, Allen Bradley and many more.

We can design a variety of switchboards ranging from larger distribution boards to smaller control panels. We can even design and create prefabricated and modular systems for you. Our robust, customisable systems are ideal for low voltage switchboards (≤630A), perfect for light commercial and industrial structures.


  • Including VSD’s, PLC's,Relay logic and soft starters
  • All MSSBs can be constructed in custom enclosure's or Prisma P/G
  • IP40 to IP56 with rain hood enclosures available

Technical Specifications:

  • Complies with AS3439.1, 3 and AS3439.3
  • Able to be wall mounted
  • Can be floor mounted with a channel plinth

Optional Features:

  • Lockable handles and rain hoods are available as additional accessories for all boards
  • Switchboards use auto and manual selection switches as well as pilot lights on a visible fixed panel
  • Customisable controller with manual override option available, when necessary

Please Note: We offer a large variety for mechanical services switchboards, and this includes large mechanical boards as well as small control panels. Modular, customised boards are available as well. These powerful, configurable systems work with low voltage switchboards, handling ≤630A, and are suitable for light commercial and industrial systems.

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