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Electrical Consulting and Design

The technological environment our customers operate in is very demanding these days, and we are able to provide specially engineered solutions for our clients. We can integrate our systems into our customer’s existing structures and provide them with a competitive solution that works with their timeframe and budget.

No matter what kind of equipment is required, Clive Wilson Switchboards Ltd can provide the consulting services and design solutions necessary for your project. Our experience in this industry enables us to assist our clients in managing their products, coordinate integration of electrical systems and components, schedule projects, design alterations remotely and deliver the solutions they require.

We offer:

  • ACAD Electrical Drafting
  • Power Factor Correction calculations and design
  • Harmonic filtering systems
  • Electrical Commissioning and servicing
Clive Wilson Switchboards
Electrical Consulting & Design

Clive Wilson Switchboards offers complete electrical drafting services for AutoCAD and Elecdes systems. Our in-house team can draw up preliminary layouts that would be suitable for your project. We can then provide a follow up of general arrangement illustrations, single line drawings, details for sheet metal, and control schematics. All of the drawings provided are included in the final documents for Quality Assurance.

Power Factor Correction

We have experience in different types of Power Factor correction, including a fixed configuration that would be used for specified, known loads, as well as for APFC (Automatic Power Factor Configuration) that analyses and provides the necessary amount of capacitive correction.

Do You Need Help
With Switchboards

Clive Wilson Switchboards Ltd are manufacturers of industrial and commercial switchboards, plant automation and control systems, and are suppliers of all major brands of switchgear including Schneider, NHP, Omron, Allen Bradley and many more.

Clive Wilson Switchboards
Electrical Commissioning

We have commissioned a number of plants throughout Australia and in other parts of the world. Our engineers are very familiar with the test equipment and processes for these plants. We can offer commissioning services that help with setup and testing all the way through to the complicated algorithms required for system operations. We can also offer support after the initial commissioning to ensure proper functionality and maintenance of our clients’ sites.

Electrical Data Keeping

To help our clients keep their costs low and avoid the irritation that come with installing new systems, Clive Wilson Switchboards provides a set of standardised documents. Our documentation has been helpful to ensure that design work is done quickly and efficiently. We archive all of our projects, and our cataloguing methods have assisted numerous clients in their projects. The tagging system we use helps clients to understand their system’s constraints and how to identify and maintain equipment in a simple and direct way.

All of the information we provide is very detailed, and this is presented to our clients in a very effective way that helps to simplify the complex actions, breaking them down into smaller, easier to understand parts. We can help design engineers with any Functional Descriptions they need by providing a simple English description of all plan operations. The tools we have developed allow us to take a Functional Description and translate it into a Sequential Function Chart. This helps break down the process into simplified blocks.

Equipment Expertise

Our experience will be invaluable to clients in providing them support for all of our automation products and electrical switchgear using manuals, software and on-site consultations. We can provide expertise in all of the following areas:
  • HMI and SCADA
  • Control and Process
  • Network Integration & Design
  • PLC Programming

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