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Motor Control Centres

Clive Wilson Switchboard LTD are manufacturers of SIMOTROL switchboards. 

SIMOTROL is a self supporting single or double sided industrial rated switchboard of a modular design originally developed by Siemens. Standardised horizontal and vertical busbar positioning allows for easy future expandability of additional tiers without any major modifications.

Fixed functional modules from 630a – 3200a, Demountable modules from 63a-400a, with lift-off doors and quarter turn coin slot or wing type catches.

Doors can be interlocked with functional unit extended rotary handles for safe operation.

Plugged modules can be safely removed while the switchboard is in operation negating the need for full isolation. 

Up to and including 32a
Group Starters

Motor control group starters with safely demountable modules up to 15kW DOL, DOLR (Tesys U) and 11kW motor circuit breaker (VSD) feeders with Internal or external isolation options with padlockable handles.

Multiple remote control and monitoring options of motor starters and feeders. Up to 40 units per 900 wide cubicle, Flexible options for a diverse range of applications for motor control solutions.

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