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Powder Coating

By 1977 there was a need for an in-house painting system, so a powder coating and pretreatment system was installed. This was the only plant of its kind south of dunedin at the time and it wasn’t long before other industries could see the benefit of this process.

Powder Coating Process:

  • Step 1: Powder is electro-statically applied
  • Step 2: Baked into a low loss oven
  • Step 3: Final Inspection with quality control
  • Step 4: Finished Product Ready
Clive Wilson Powder Coating
Experienced & Reputed

Here at the Clive Wilson Powder Coating division we can powder coat just about anything metal, including: mag rims, motorbike frames, aluminium extrusions, all sorts of brackets, fire guards, spouting brackets, wrought iron gates, signage, boat accessories and more.


Powder Coating Process

Once the aluminium is hung in our purpose built booth powder coating process begins. Powder is electro-statically applied via a gun at up to 90,000 volts,This makes the powder stick to the job and wrap around areas that would be difficult to get to with conventional spraying methods

We have every colour of the rainbow and more available in a selection of matt, pearl, gloss, satin and metallic finishes.



Once painted, the job goes straight into a low loss oven for 10-13 mins at 180 -200 degrees, dependant on the specific requirements of the powder.


Final Inspection

Once it’s out of the oven it is left to cool and harden. A final inspection is carried out, along with quality control checks to complete the Powder Coating process.

The Finished Product