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14 Nov, 2016
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The Importance of Good Power Quality

Why Good Power Quality Is So Important

How electric equipment interacts with electrical power is called the power quality. If they work well together and the equipment is not wearing down too quickly or being stressed, then you have good quality electrical power.

Power quality issues can have some negative effects, like:

  • Increased energy cost and usage
  • Increased repair costs
  • Increased rate of failure
  • Equipment instability

Every business should be concerned about energy management and assess their power quality to ensure their equipment works well for a long time.

Why electrical installations rely on good power quality

Commerce, industry and development sectors count on electrical energy to provide them with power. If that power is unreliable or of poor quality, it can drastically affect business in these sectors, and power quality is vital to minimize defects and failures for electrical installations.

Clive Wilson Switchboards Ltd. Can help companies to regulate and ensure Power Quality. We have the experience and tools to fix Power Quality issues and to find answers for your electrical power problems. 

What does it take to ensure high quality electrical energy? All electrical assets will need to be maintained and monitored. Corrective action will have to be taken quickly as well, and you will need a solid initial design.

What Poor Power Quality Does

If your system has poor Power Quality, then it can suffer. You’ll likely notice the negative effects in your bottom line, and we want to help you avoid that. Here is what poor Power Quality does:

  • Equipment failing unexpectedly
  • Power shutting off on its own
  • Line losses
  • System losses
  • Sensitive equipment being damaged
  • Interference in electronic communications
  • Utility company penalties due to network supply pollution
  • Shorter lifespan for electronic equipment

Why measure power quality after solar system installation?

Active power should be measured to determine power consumption and well as the rate of reverse power flow. This shows whether there is proper, expected energy usage or not.

Reactive power should be measured as well to determine if power is being used even when the plant is not in operation.

The monitoring system will detect when there is poor power factor and ensure that the demand for power is being met and that energy is not being wasted.

The voltage and harmonics will need to be monitored as well to check for any distortions. Minor distortion is expected, but when the variance exceeds 5%, the monitoring system will see that as beyond the acceptable limits.

How to Begin

Electrical power providers and their clients are concerned about power quality. Power disturbances can create a powerful economic impact can cause the loss of home appliances and extensive clean-up.

To ensure proper power usage and power quality, you should plan a survey of the site, investigate any areas that you suspect are causing trouble, test for issues, monitor for issues, and then analyse the results you get.

Clive Wilson Switchboards Ltd. Can make a visit to your site and determine what kind of changes need to be made to ensure good power quality.

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