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04 Nov, 2020
Posted by wilson
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Environmental Benefits of Powder Coating

How Powder Coating Benefits the Environment

Manufacturers and hobbyists alike are able to create a protective covering or shell on a variety of products and equipment using powder coating. This fairly new technology has numerous industrial, commercial and personal uses.

The coating process starts by stripping an object that is heat tolerant through sandblasting. The item would then be plunged briefly into a chemical bath. After the object has been prepared, a fine powder will be applied. From there, the object will be heated, which causes the powder to melt and create a shiny outer shell.

What kind of benefits are there to powder coating over using conventional painting methods? Let’s take a look:

No VOCs- The dry powder is sprayed at a high rate, which means that it doesn’t release any VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as it is sprayed. This is a much safer process for the environment than spray painting.

Completely Clean- The process used to apply powder coating is a clean one. Any exhaust created would go straight back to the plant, so there would be very few emissions created. Powder coating operators use as little energy as possible when heating and cooling the item that receives the powder coating.

Nothing Is Wasted- The leftover powder coating, known as overspray, is reused to prevent wastage. There is considerably less wastage with this process than you would have with enamel painting, which drains out excess paint into sludge tanks. With powder coating, there is no environmental hazard or additional cost in dealing with wastage.

Besides these environmental benefits we listed, powder coating helps to make the working environment much safer. Almost no emulsifiers and solvents are used, which means that technicians and operators are less likely to suffer from nose, mouth and throat infections. Those are common hazards in paint shops, but not something that needs to be a concern with powder coating, even during hot weather, when particles would be more likely to stick to operators.

Compare powder coating to liquid paint and those who use both methods. You would find that there are fewer health concerns and fewer incidents of health problems in those operators using powder coating. Now, some people will have a sensitivity to certain types of powder coatings, but these sensitivities will almost never result in severe health problems because of how easily powder washes off the skin.

Powder coating use is becoming far more common, and switching over to the powder coating process gives manufacturers a lot of environmental benefits that they would otherwise miss out on. People who use powder coating are much more likely to live healthier and safer than those who use aerosol paints.

Clive Wilson Switchboards Ltd. offers a high-quality powder coating service, and we serve a range of clients, including industrial and commercial customers as well as hobbyists and DIYers. Our team is made of highly skilled individuals who can provide a range of services- everything from sandblasting to a completed, powder coated product. We have experience in powder coating outdoor furniture, automotive parts, signs and more. Be sure to give us a call and find out how we can offer the powder coating service you need.

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