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21 Jun, 2024
Posted by Chris Wilson
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Main Switchboards | Quality Electrical Switchboard Solutions

Our company is proud to offer top-quality electrical switchboard solutions. They meet the needs of both commercial and industrial users. Our main switchboards make sure your office or factory gets reliable, efficient power1.

These switchboards work for a wide range of voltage needs. They can handle anything from 12 volts to 3kV. Thanks to their strong build and advanced features, they are ideal for many different projects. They balance power, flexibility, and value effectively2.



Key Takeaways

  • Our main switchboards are designed to handle a wide range of voltages, from low to high, ensuring versatility in power distribution.
  • Our switchboards are engineered with quality components and features, delivering reliable and efficient performance.
  • We offer both cost-effective and high-performance switchboard solutions to meet the diverse needs of our commercial and industrial clients.
  • Our main switchboards are built to comply with the latest industry standards and safety regulations, providing peace of mind for our customers.
  • Our team of experts are dedicated to providing tailored solutions and exceptional customer service, ensuring your power distribution needs are met with excellence.

What Is a Main Switchboard?

A main switchboard is like the heart of an electrical system. It manages the power flowing through a building3. It’s made to handle big amounts of electricity safely4. At its core are busbars, which are copper or aluminum strips. They carry power to different parts of the building4


Components of a Main Switchboard

The structure of a main switchboard includes several key parts:

  • The frame: A metal frame that holds everything together.
  • The bus: Copper or aluminum bars that move power from the main source to the circuits.
  • Overcurrent protective devices: These include circuit breakers and fuses to stop overloads or shorts.
  • Instrumentation: Devices like meters and relays watch over the electricity’s health.
  • Enclosures and exterior covers: These protect the internal parts from damage.

All these elements work in harmony to keep the electricity flowing in a safe and efficient way around the building5.

Functions of a Main Switchboard

A switchboard does several important jobs:

  1. Power distribution: It takes power from the main source and sends it to different parts of the building as needed.
  2. Overcurrent protection: It uses breakers and fuses to prevent too much power from damaging the system.
  3. Monitoring and control: It has tools to check how the system’s doing and make adjustments as required.
  4. Flexibility and expansion: It can grow and change with the building’s electrical needs over time.

This vital system ensures the power gets safely to where it’s needed in a building or facility4.

“Switchboards are the backbone of any electrical distribution system, ensuring the safe and efficient flow of power throughout a facility.”

So, the main switchboard is the main point for an electrical system in a building. It looks after power flow, safety, monitoring, and growth345.

Component Description
Frame The metal skeleton that houses all the other components.
Bus The copper or aluminum bars that distribute power from the incoming cable conductors to the branch circuit devices.
Overcurrent Protective Devices Circuit breakers, fuses, and other devices that protect the system from short circuits and overloads.
Instrumentation Meters, relays, and other devices that monitor the performance and status of the electrical system.
Enclosures and Exterior Covers The protective housing that shields the internal components from the environment.

Importance of Quality Main Switchboards

Reliable electrical switchboards are key for any big building. They ensure everything works safely. This is why choosing a high-quality main switchboard is so important6.

Switchboards in big buildings are made to fit their unique needs. They use stronger currents than home ones. They also have more safety features to stop things like fires. Our switchboards are made with the best standards in mind6.

Picking the right switchboard matters a lot. You must think about how much power you need and future growth. Ours come with safety features like circuit breakers and arc fault detection. They also have smart functions for managing energy better6.

Today’s switchboards have new tech, like RCDs and circuit breakers, to keeps things safe. They can also protect devices from big power spikes. This means fewer accidents and less damage7.

A good main switchboard helps your business a lot. It meets tough safety laws and saves money over time. Plus, it can grow with your power needs. You should also keep it maintained well to make it last longer7.

Dealing with power problems is important. These can make you use more energy and have more costs. Our main switchboards fight these issues, making your system work better8.

Getting a quality main switchboard from a good brand is wise. It keeps your power safe and efficient. This helps your business run smoothly and grow678.


Main Switchboards

Switchboards are essential for sending out power in homes, offices, and factories. They use low voltages, under 600V, and have parts like switches and busbars. These carry the power needed for everyday use910.

Main switchboards are where the power starts its journey. The power then goes to panel boards, which split it into smaller parts for different uses. Switchboards and panels have important parts like switches and breakers. These keep us safe and make sure the power we need works well10.

Switchboards are used in many places, from small businesses to big factories. For smaller places, they manage less power, while for big industries, they handle a lot more91.

Application Voltage Range Current Range
Light Industrial and Commercial Up to 690V Up to 1600A
Heavy Industrial Up to 1kV 1600A and higher

Certified electricians are key to setting up and maintaining switchboards. They work with providers like Enercon for safe, efficient, and custom switchboard solutions10.

Think of switchboards as the hidden helpers of electricity. They quietly make sure power goes where it’s needed, reliably every day.

Knowing about main switchboards helps businesses and groups plan for their power needs. They can choose wisely to make sure their electricity works both now and in the future9101.

Types of Main Switchboards

Main switchboards are the core of any electrical setup. They serve various industrial and commercial needs. These fall into two main categories: light and heavy industrial types11.

Light Industrial and Commercial Switchboards

Light switchboards suit places with lower power needs, working with voltages up to 415V and currents up to 1,600A11. They’re seen in small commercial buildings, shops, and light industrial places. These switchboards are smaller and cheaper than the heavy-duty ones.

Heavy Industrial and Commercial Switchboards

Heavy-duty switchboards handle bigger currents, up to 4,000A11. They’re perfect for expansive commercial areas, factories, and big industrial sites. These units can handle higher faults and offer more protection and reliability.

Both types of switchboards are vital for power distribution and protection. Choosing the right one depends on the facility’s size, power needs, and the desire for top safety and reliability.


“Switchboards are the backbone of any electrical distribution system, ensuring reliable power delivery and protection for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.”

Choosing the right main switchboard is crucial, no matter the facility’s size. It ensures safe and continuous power supply1112.


Features of Our Main Switchboards

Our main switchboards meet the highest quality and safety standards. They fully follow the AS/NZS 61439 standard. This means they are safe and reliable for our customers10.

AS/NZS 61439 Compliance

This standard sets the bar for electrical gear safety in Australia and New Zealand10. Our switchboards are designed for safe, efficient everyday use in many places.

Ingress Protection and Impact Strength

Our switchboards boast strong protection against dust and water with up to IP55 rating14. They also achieve an IK10 rating, ensuring durability in tough environments9.

With these features, our main switchboards can handle tough settings. From manufacturing sites to commercial buildings, they are made to last10149.

Safety Features of Our Main Switchboards

At Switchgear Power Solutions, we put safety first for our main switchboards. Our team has done detailed arc flash studies to lower the risk of severe incidents15. We also use state-of-the-art fire suppression and detection systems for added safety16.

Arc Flash Studies and Mitigation

Arc flash can lead to bad burns, loss of hearing, or fatalities15. To prevent this, we study and lower these risks. We apply advanced switchgear systems that greatly reduce arcing faults15.

Fire Suppression and Detection

Electrical fires are dangerous for people and property. That’s why our switchboards have top-notch fire suppression and detection systems, These systems detect and stop fires fast, protecting everyone using the electrical system.

Safety Feature Importance
Circuit Breakers Protect the supplied circuit from overloading or short circuits17.
Fuses Provide short circuit protection with various current ratings17.
Over Current Relays Protect from high currents and are set to full load current with time delay17.
Dead Front Panels Prevent panel opening until power is switched off for safety measures17.


Clive Wilson switchboards values your safety above all, which is why we bring in the latest tech and safety measures. With our focus on arc flash and fire safety, you can rest easy knowing your switchboard is safe with us.


Our Main Switchboard Solutions

At Switchgear Power Solutions, we provide customized main switchboard solutions for our clients in the commercial and industrial sectors18. Our experts guide you every step of the way, from design to maintenance18. This ensures your switchboard system works well and is reliable18.

Our switchboard solutions meet top industry standards for safety, efficiency, and compliance. We use the latest technology and parts from  Schneider and many others. This allows us to go above and beyond for our customers18.

  • Simotrol Modular Switchboard System: This system features a busbar system up to 2500A, IEC/EN 61439-1 & 2: 2011 type testing, fault ratings up to 65KA/1 sec, IP55 environmental protection, and internal separation to form 4.

Our range of solutions fits many industries, including commercial buildings, industrial sites, and data centers19. We also serve new areas like electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With over 85 years of combined experience, you can trust us to exceed your expectations18.

Need a new switchboard system or help with the current one? Our team is ready to assist you. Contact us to talk about your needs. We’ll create a solution that makes your electrical distribution safer and more efficient



Clive Wilson Switchboards is proud to offer top-quality main switchboard solutions. They are made to be safe and perform well. We cover everything from preventing arc flashes to putting out fires. This means your electrical systems will stay safe and work perfectly.

Good main switchboards are crucial for safe, effective electrical set-ups in big buildings and factories. Our goal is to give you reliable electrical solutions that are all about safety and following the rules.

As a key quality switchboard provider, we promise to go beyond what’s expected. We offer top-notch products and services. Regular check-ups, maintenance, and tests are key to keeping your switchboards in great shape.


What are the primary components of a main switchboard?

The main parts of a main switchboard are its frame, bus, and overcurrent protective devices. It also includes instrumentation, enclosures, and covers. The frame supports all other components, and the bus transfers power from cable conductors to devices.

What are the functions of a main switchboard?

The main switchboard is key in managing an electrical system. It spreads out and guards the electrical power. It’s designed for low voltages, under 600V, and features switches and other tools to control and distribute power.

Why is regular testing and maintenance of main switchboards essential?

Regular checks are vital to keep main switchboards in top shape and safe. They ensure the system works well and is safe. This minimises the chance of power cuts and protects against equipment damage.

What are the different types of main switchboards?

There are two main types: light industrial and heavy industrial switchboards. Light ones are for less power, while heavy ones handle more power, up to 4000A.

What are the key features of your main switchboards?

Our main switchboards follow the AS/NZS 61439 standard for safety. They have top-notch ingress protection and strong mechanical impact capability. This makes them fit for various environments and uses.

What safety features do your main switchboards offer?

Safe switchboards are our priority at Switchgear Power Solutions. We conduct thorough arc flash studies and use strategies to prevent them. Our switchboards also have advanced fire safety built in, boosting overall electrical system safety.

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